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 seaking analysis

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PostSubject: seaking analysis   seaking analysis Icon_minitimeFri Dec 30, 2011 4:02 pm

so seaking is a fish with a horn and a funny face... and the best meme ever. simply, seaking is kind of weird, but i love it. i just adore this thing. not because of its design, or even because of its hilarious "F**KYEAH SEAKING* meme. i love it because it works. this thing is UU material, and nobody wants to give it the position. hell, i use it in OU and it got me up to 1280 in PO! (a huge ranking basicially) here's why its so good.


swift swim: good ability, but banned if you run toed, and is useless in lower tiers without rain dance.

water veil: good if you want to run a physical set by blocking burns, but honestly, the third ability is still preferred.

lightningrod: this transformed this fishy into a beast. its finally ready for its namesake of "F**K YEAH". it not only gives seaking an immunity to electric attacks, but it boosts his sp. attack to a heavy 375 after 1 switch in. its a mean bastard.

"F**K YEAH!!!!" set:

ability: lightningrod
nature: modest (+sp.atk, -attack)
item: leftovers, life orb
EV's: 152 HP, 252 sp.atk, 104 speed (for HP grass), 148 HP, 252 sp. atk, 108 speed (for HP fire)


-scald/surf/hydro pump
-ice beam/blizzard
-hidden power grass/hidden power fire

how to use this:

okay, this is very easy to use. switch in to an obvious electric attack (bait it with gyrados or pelliper) then on the switch use agility, beefing up its speed to exactly 396, which outspeeds timid jolteon. thats saying alot. especially with its acceptable bulk and 375 sp. atk. it hits like a truck in UU, and even in non-blissy/chansey OU teams. why does NO ONE know about this thing's potential? its wifi UU gold, but is still NU. it fits much more into UU than NU honestly, and i'm wondering what smog was thinking.

"choice fish" set:

ability: lightningrod/water veil
nature: adamant (+ attack, -sp. atk)
item: choice band
EV's: 252 HP 252 attack 6 def


-return/frustration (same exact attack)

how to use this:

basicially, both its abilities let it switch into something. either sableye or rotom, and then it just hits like a modestly dressed van. 467 attack is nothing to mock, especially with the best bulky type in the game. lightningrod doesn't do any favors to your attack, but it does trick them into switching into a special wall who will get 2hko'd by waterfall. seaking is definitely better as a special sweeper, but its somewhat good as a physical attacker. give them both a shot.

overall: seaking is amazing. its very underrated and deserves more use in competitive play. smogon, please UU this little guy! he deserves it!!!
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seaking analysis
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